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Cycle life of re-chargeable batteries depends on its initial quality and the charging method used by a consumer.


In all standard tests the charging method is set to 16 hours @ 0.1 It A. Chargers that are used by consumers vary from this:


 The 24h chargers will meet this requirement, and therefore will have little or no negative impact on cycle life.


 The quick chargers available in the market ( 4hrs, 1hr, to name but a few) are charging with far higher currents in order to get the same amount of power into the cell in far less time.

In order to get insight into the fast charge-discharge characteristics of a cell we have invented the accelerated life cycle test:


Endurance test @ 20C, all cells continuously charge with 1.0 It A until V= -5mV and immediately discharge with 1.0 It A until < 1V0 / cell.


Continue this test until capacity is < 50% (from nominal capacity)


Any other combination of environmental conditions, discharge and charge currents is possible. We have found that the standard IEC life cycle test takes to long and does not investigate the fast charge-discharge.


If you want to know exactly how a charger operates we can investigate in detail its charging characteristics as well as build in safety.