Information Management: results & reports



All test results are added to the clients database. From this we can create various analyses, which then will be presented to the clients liking.

Reports for Sales/Marketing shall have a different lay-out and content then a report for Quality Management/Purchase.

A full test program is designed to get a good picture from market and supply chain.



Control: preferable in the supply chain


A lot of important critical control points (CCP) are in the start of the supply chain. Sampling and control can be advisable on each of these points. We can advise for different departments and will create a suitable test program and frequency conform your demand and market. TCSB is the quality link between your company and the market.


Database: your source of information


As all test results are added to the clients database, comparisons through the years for each client can be made. From this we can create almost any analyses a client wishes, and present it accordingly.


The product specifications can also be added to the database. A test program and control system can then be put in place to regularly test the product against the specifications. A report will be made from which fast and accurately can be concluded if the tested products are conforming the agreed specifications. If necessary more in dept analyses and additional reports can be added.