Test units are purpose build and frequently upgraded with state of the art components. For detailed information about each test unit: see resistance load, constant current, constant power & charge & discharge.

For each test (and each battery) detailed discharge data are processed and graphs are evaluated.


Test results are calculated by software for each individual battery and sample average. Outcome is available in hours (duration), mAh (capacity) and mWh (power). Standard deviation is presented to provide insight into production accuracy.



Complete IEC safety program is available, and additional leakage testing over longer period of time.


Cycle life

Purpose build accelerated lifecycle test which has been operational for over 10 years. Quick insight into expected power output of re-chargeable batteries under normal use.


TCSB has been founded 1973. We investigate markets and products and conduct and supervise tests on location and in our lab.

 Our core business is testing all types of (rechargeable) batteries and (related) consumer electronics.

 Our customers are trading companies, purchase officers, manufacturers, laboratories and consumer collectives.


Testing is done according to IEC and ANSI standards. Through the IEC commission the interest of manufacturers, commerce and consumers are guarded.

IEC and ANSI standards are frequently updated. In addition to the standard testing we can provide a wide range of support and there is the possibility for consultancy.

Testing is roughly split into 3 parts: Capacity, Safety & Cycle Life (re-chargeable batteries).

Test capacity is available on demand: all year round, 7 days per week, 24h per day. For maintenance reasons a few shut down periods per year are planned.

For companies that want to monitor their products quality constantly there is the option of permanent reservation of a part of the available capacity.

Test & Measurement introduction