New or additional tests


All testing is done according to IEC standards.


But sometimes more information is required in case of new applications that does not match the standards. If required we will develop and build additional tests or simulations, in close consultation with our clients. Both hardware and software are developed within our own company.


A recent example is the digital still camera test which is now a part of the IEC application test-range. Years before that we already had this test in our program. A complete new test-method can be designed and build ahead of standards.


Sometimes it is not clear which standard matches the real application. For instance a wireless mouse or keyboard. Nowadays very common, but can it be related to a standard application?

If the answer is not obvious there is the possibility to build/define a suitable test in order to measure the quality for this specific application. The defining will be related to actual measurements in a number of real devices. The execution of the test will be done in such a way that it can always be reproduced.