Portable Power


Aside the conventional batteries there is a growing amount of alternative methods of portable power. To name but a few:  Rechargeable Alkaline, Fuel Cells, Power packs &

Rechargeable lithium (ion).



Rechargeable lithium (ion) is available as separate battery, or as build in (cell-phone, navigation device, laptop/PDA). Some of these build-ins are replaceable, others are fixed and therefore will determine the end of the products life when the batteries cycle life has finished.


Fuel cells and power packs are designed as backup power in order to re-load other portable devices such as sell-phone or laptop when it is urgent and no other form of power is available.


Rechargeable alkaline is a so called “green” alternative for the conventional battery.



Each of these products have its specific characteristics, and dis/advantages.


̃ with back-up power it is obvious that retention will be the most critical factor


̃ in case of build-in power the biggest concern will be its cycle life and safety


̃ the alternatives of conventional batteries has to be compared in price and possible power output in order to understand its potential



Both individual testing and comparison to size-like conventional batteries can be executed by us. We will advise a suitable test program based on wanted insight and characteristics of the product in question.