Re-chargeable Power

The race to demanding more and more capacity from the same size battery has influenced cycle life significantly. In the first years the (NiMH) re-chargeable A-brand batteries lasted 500 cycles or more; today 200 cycles is exceptional (in accelerated life cycle test: see graph).

Meanwhile consumers are paying a lot more for higher capacities.


Besides the race for more power there is the development of more user-friendly low-self-discharge (ready-2-use) batteries (with a better charge-retention). This too will cost cycle-life, while again the consumer has to pay more.


Upon that there is the charging equipment. At first one needed about 24 hours to fully charge, nowadays quick-chargers are widely available. Quick chargers also decrease battery cycle-life.


Whether you are a purchaser, supplier or salesmen, do you know the real quality of your product? Have you investigated all aspects properly?

In the end that might determine how successful you can be in the future.


We can create and execute a fitting test schedule from all perspectives. Once-only (zero-setting or sample survey) or frequently repeating (quality-control).


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