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Tekstvak: Adaptable testboard for AAA, AA & button cells:
 low resistance tests
Tekstvak: testboard for AAA & AA cells:
 high resistance tests
Tekstvak: Adaptable testboard for cylindrical and button cells

Inside pictures of a climate controlled resistance load test unit.


Resistance & discharge time can be selected per group of 5 cells.


All voltages are measured at a rate of  100,000 samples per second, and are processed later.


Every individual cell voltage is measured across the terminals as well as directly across the resistive load.


During test discharge period all data are continuously monitored and guarded by computer.


Cell voltages are double checked  with a calibrated multi-meter.


Finally test data are processed through result calculation software (outcome in hr, mAh, mWh, stdev, etc.)

Tekstvak: testboard for 9V cells

Outside pictures of a climate controlled resistance load test unit.


All hardware and software has been purpose-built in our own company.


All metal (film) resistors are sourced at  the highest available precision, and then selected by measuring at typical average discharge current to achieve an accuracy of 0.05%.


The resistance of the discharge circuitry (typical 0.03Ω) is constantly monitored and discharge resistors are corrected accordingly.


The used relays have gold contacts and are regularly maintained.


All mains are controlled and protected by an uninterruptible power supply.


All computers are connected to our LAN and backups are made on a daily bases.

Tekstvak: De-multiplexer interface to computer for registration
Tekstvak: Alfred in front of climate controlled resistance test unit 2