All testing is done according to IEC standards.


But sometimes more information is required in case of new applications that does not match the standards. If required we will develop and build additional tests or simulations, in close consultation with our clients. Both hardware and software are developed within our own company.


A recent example is the digital still camera test which is now a part of the IEC application test-range. Years before that we developed a series of simulation tests in order to determine the real capacity of the batteries in  such a device.

Two best-sellers were selected, and with both cameras a photo shooting session was conducted, until the camera no longer operated (= battery empty). The sequence of shooting was established in close relationship with our client.

The first test were done by hand, later is was automated and repeated until the standard deviation was low enough.


The outcome of these test later lead to the development and fine-tuning of the digital still camera test that is now a standard test.


So if there is not a clear standard that matches the real application, it is possible to make a simulation set-up in order to get more insight in the actual capacity use.

From this a new test can be developed if reproduction is required.